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A summary Gas Spring

Gas Spring 이란?

The Gas Spring is mainly mounted to the tail gate and hood part of car and this makes easy of opening and closing the door.
The gas spring consists of pressure tube, piston rod, oil seal, oil and other accessories, and it is tightly sealed and operated so as that the nitrogen gas is not leaked after the nitrogen gas is given to the pressure tube, and the inner pressure becomes different upon the change of pressure tube volume and it causes the weight difference and then is operated.


The gas spring can be effectively used to offset the repulsive force of cover part or the opening & closing hole of materials which are rather heavy and big in weight. Also, it safely makes the materials, which it is difficult to be handled and is heavy, to be positioning, an makes the lifting up and lowering function to be performed ideally. its purpose is various against other metal, machine and spring and makes the speed adjustment, damping, shock relief, simple setting-up, compact size and uniform repulsive force diagram and the repulsive force having the various scope as its main function.

When the rod is pressed in the inner wall of tube, the inner pressure is increased to the minimum degree and then a part of Gas volume is replaced, This causes the repulsive force as the function of stroke. The repulsive force of Gas Spring is also affected by the frictional effect (Dynamic or static Type).


Our Gas Spring is easily used to adjust the repulsive force of applied materials (set subject), which requires the easiness and convenience of operation, and to offset the repulsive force.

  1. Keeping the uniform flexible changing percentage in the high repulsive force and long stroke
    (Keeping the low variation percentage during the taking of load)
  2. Compact Design and Appearance
  3. Excellent Assembly which can be easily mounted to any applied materials
  4. Operational and Automatic Offset Function without the use of additional Damping Force Adjustment Device
  5. Extension and Compression Speed to Be Adjustable
  6. Repulsive Force (Upward)to Be Adjustable at and times during the use of Goods
  7. Unique Gas Filling System
  8. KEON WOO Gas Spring has registered the patent (No.0287469)for furniture Doors as first ranked in korea

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